Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed

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Petros Chrisostomou

Skatospore (II)

College/University: Royal Academy Schools
Course Level/Title: MA Fine Art
Date: 2008

Petros Christostomouís work is concerned with the relationship between objects and their contexts. He builds models of rooms and then places unexpected objects within them. Through unsettling combinations of scale and content, Christostomou challenges our perceptions. Interested in simulacra (ideas of likeness or similarity), he aims to question the role of the photograph in our post modern era by challenging our visual perceptions.
Skatospore (II)
Skatospore (II)
Wasted Youth (25 Ashbourne Avenue)
Pulse (48 Hanway Street)
Still life with grapes (48 Hanway Street)
Creep (18 Fortis Green)
Strider (18 Fortis Green)
Hero (18 Fortis Green)
Bananadosh (18 Fortis Green)
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