Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed

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Aileen Harvey

Universal Covering, from the series 'Topos'

College/University: Wimbledon College of Art
Course Level/Title: BA Fine Art: Sculpture
Date: 2007-9

'Topos' depicts a geometer's office in the months before his retirement. The contours of a working life are distilled into details as much remembered as seen. Harvey is interested in the fault lines of memory, how image and recollection both fix and obscure experience. Our surroundings make their mark on us while we are lost in thought. A room can be a portrait of a personís mind, a map of their physical orbit.
Universal Covering, from the series 'Topos'
Universal Covering, from the series 'Topos'
Homeomorphism, from the series 'Topos'
Tropical Geometry, from the series 'Topos'
Field Extension, from the series 'Topos'
Two Volumes, from the series 'Topos'
Vessel, from the series 'Topos'
Hyperbolic Paper, from the series 'Topos'
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