Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed

The Photographers' Gallery

Kathryn Faulkner

Daniel Edwards & Nicola Barnacle, from the series 'Bibliography'

College/University: Slade School of Fine Art
Course Level/Title: Fine Art: Media
Date: 2008

This is a series of photographs about artistsí relationships with books. Kathryn Falkner asked a selection of artists for their twenty most important books to date, photographing them so that only the spines are legible. The images are printed life size, accompanied by a book containing a bibliography and a statement written by each artist. As social and cultural indicators, these collections affirm the significance of books as objects for pleasure and knowledge, suggesting self-portraits as literary still lifes.
Daniel Edwards & Nicola Barnacle, from the series 'Bibliography'
Daniel Edwards & Nicola Barnacle, from the series 'Bibliography'
Laura Bradley, from the series 'Bibliography'
John Hilliard, from the series 'Bibliography'
Roy Voss, from the series 'Bibliography'
Gary Woodley, from the series 'Bibliography'
Bernard Walsh, from the series 'Bibliography'
Silke Dettmers, from the series 'Bibliography'
Teana Newman, from the series 'Bibliography'
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