Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed

The Photographers' Gallery

Selected Photographers

  • My Father to Me – a view through photography
  • 1961 (Kosmaj), from the series 'War Memorial Installation'
  • Skatospore (II)
  • Pure breed Belgian Blue. Cinay, Belgium, from the series 'The Great Forgetting'
  • 'Gates Green Road' looped projection, 8mins
  • Conditions for Living
  • Daniel Edwards & Nicola Barnacle, from the series 'Bibliography'
  • Multimedia Warsaw, from the series 'Work in Progress'
  • Universal Covering, from the series 'Topos'
  • 5 foot 6
  • Video still at 20.21 seconds in Instant Polaroid development.
  • Sarah B, from the series 'The Relocation of Culture'
  • The House Sitting Project: Portrait as Dr.Lucy Soutter taken by Edward Klaus
  • Rågskär Island
  • From the series, 'One at a Time’.
  • Frys Factory, from the Series 'Over the Edge'
  • In Memory Of... from the series 'Beachy Head'
  • My Imaginary World
  • Photoshoot
  • Himsagar Express
  • Sealed Up
  • Ad-Sites
  • Thames Town: China’s Suburbia
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